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Celestino Soddu

Generative Design Lab, Politecnico di Milano University, Italy

Gencities in a Visionary World


Alain Lioret

Arts et Technologies de l'Image. Universite' Paris 8, France

Past images of the future


Paul P. Brown

Angila Polytechnic University, Cambridge,                                     UK

"Psst.....Wanna Buy an Algorithm? The Proliferation of Generative Music Systems throughout Everyday Life and its Affects on the Music Industry"


Alcinia Zita Sampaio, Pedro Gameiro Henriques, Pedro Studer Ferreira, Rui Pedro Luizi

Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal

Using 3d virtual models in civil engineering training: interacting with the construction processes


Belinda Torus

Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul                                 , Turkey

Generative Design in Architecture and Mass Customization


Bogdan Soban

Artist, Slovenia

Generating Artwork Using Previous Created Image as Coloring Palette


Carol-Ann Braun

Le Cube, France

Generative Art in the Public Eye


Chiron Mottram

Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, University College London, UK Agent Visualization


Daichi Ando, Hitoshi Iba

The University of Tokyo, Japan

Real-time Musical Interaction between Musician and Multi-agent System.


David Psenicka

University of Illinois, US

Composing Music Based on Interaction with Self-Similar, Symbolic Tree Structures


Paul Coates, Christian Derix, Ing. Stefan Paul Krakhofer, AbdulMajid Karanouh

CECA UEL MSc Computing & Design, UK

Generating architectural spatial configurations. Two approaches using Voronoi tessellations and particle systems.


Elyna Amir Sharji

Multimedia University, Malaysia

Electronic Gallery as a Generative Space for the Contribution to Art and Design

Students and the Learning Environment


Francesca Bertacchini, Caterina Senatore, Adriano Talarico

Universita' della Calabria, Italy

Plexus: a story telling system based on the small world networks model


Gülen Cagdas, Gaye Gozubuyuk, Özgür Ediz

Istambul Tech University


Fractal based genereative design for harmony between old and new


Hengfeng Zuo, Mark Jones

Southampton Solent University, UK

Exploration into form aesthetics of design: material texture


James Basson

Societe Scape SARL, France the garden


K. Moraes Zarzar

TUDelft, The Netherlands

Design Precedents and Identity: the exercises


Kenneth Hansen

Roskilde University, Denmark



Manuel Beaz

Carleton University, School of Architecture,Canada The Generative Dynamics of X, Y & Z Coordination


Marie-Pascale Corcuff

ècolearchitecture de Bretagne, Universite' Rennes 2, France

Generative processes and the question of space


Mark Rudolph

IT-University Copenhagen, Denmark

MetaForms Methodology for specifying and growing Structures of Forms for

Aesthetic and Programming Content


Matteo Melioli

Bartlett Design Research Department (UCL), UK

Inhabit soundscape, The Architecture of the Invisible World


Mauro Francaviglia, Michael Petry, Marcella Lorenzi

Universita' di Torino, The Museum of Contemporary Arts, London, Italy, UK

superstring installation


Michela Turrin

Architect, Italy

Digital shapes: contextual and semiotical legibility


Nelly Bogdanova

Daugavpils University, Latvia

Creating tiling by means of 2D graphics applications


Nicolas Reeves

Hexagram Institute for Research and Creation in Media Arts and Technology, Canada

[ VOILES | SAILS ] - Self-Assembling Intelligent Lighter-than-air Structures


Nicoletta Sala

Universita' della Svizzera italiana, Swiss

Fractal components in the Gothic and  in the Baroque Architecture


  Nyssim Lefford

Sonic Studio, Acusticum 4, 941 28  Piteå, Sweden 

Investigating Composers' Perceptions and Style through Musical Composition Games


Mahnaz Shah

Architectural Association, School of Architecture, London , UK The Modular: An Analysis into Generative Architecture


P. Coates, C. Derix , T. Lau,

CECA UEL MSc Computing & Design, UK

Topological Approximations for Spatial Representations


Peter Beyls

Hogeschool Gent & University of Plymouth                                    UK, Belgium

A molecular collision model of musical interaction


Philip Van Loocke, Yannick Joye

Gent University, Belgium

Complex constructions based on symmetry breaking in simple three dimensional IFS.

'Description of interface between Visual Basic and Microstation'


Pi-Yuan Tang

National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Co-generation 3D Form: The Framework of Co-generative Design System


Ricardo Gomes

San Francisco State University, US

Designing to Live: The Value of Inclusive Design in the Future Society


Fabian Scheurer, Christoph Schindler Markus Braach

ETH Zürich, Chair of CAAD, Swiss

Three complex structures built with a digital production chain


Semra Arslan Selcuk, Al J Fisher, Chris JK Williams

Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Biomimesis and the geometric definition of shell structures in architecture


Tian Yunqing, Bao Lin

Shanghai University, China

The Reconstruction of the Center Square of Chang Shou Park - A Practical Case of

Generative Design


Tom Davis, Pedro Rebelo

Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland

Natural Selection: A Stethoscopic Amphibious Sound Installation


Nicola Dioguardi

Humanitas, Milano, Italy

The physical side of liver diseases. Measuring irregular bodies: a need for medical disciplines


Andrea Wollensak, Brett Terry Connecticut CollegeUS Transitory Spaces


Karel Dudesek

Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication , UK

The process of creation. Student projects of the postgraduate courses in Ravensbourne, contextualized in applied art and critical practise, or how to avoid reinventing the wheel again and again in art and design.


Melanitis Yiannis performance artist, Greece

Biological dynamics in performance space

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Aleksandra Slahova, Maris Cacka, Ilze Volonte, Alnis Stakle, Baiba Valpetere, Zeltite Barsevska, Jolanta Savvina, Ilze Meldere, Mairita Folkmane, Agita Aleksandrovica Daugavpils University, Latvia

The Characteristic of Professional Higher Education Bachelor Study Programme

“Computer Design” in Daugavpils University


Mario Costa

Universita' di Salerno, Italy

Nature as source of Generative Art


Umberto Roncoroni

Faculty of Communication Sciences, Universidad de Lima, Perú

Emergence, Beauty, Software and Kitsch


Yehuda E Safran

Columbia University, US

Mimetic desire and other Symptoms


Enrica Colabella

Generative Design Lab, Politecnico di Milano University, Italy

Out of Hours



Posters / Installations / Artworks / Performances


Enrica Colabella, Josette Martial, Celestino Soddu

Rome, Milan, Italy

Out of hours

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Carla Farsi

University of Colorado at Boulder , US Difference Equations

2nd part. Pag. 3

Matjuska Teja Krasek artist  Slovenia Kaleidoscopic fragrances

2nd part. Pag.5

Roberto Iengo, Stefano Fantoni, Nico Pitrelli Interdisciplinary Laboratory SISSA, Trieste, Italy

Images and impressions on frontiers of physics

2nd part. Pag.11

Semi Ryu, Claudio Scozzafava, Stefano Faralli

School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University, US Universita’ di Roma La Sapienza, Italy

Infinite Cemetery: Virtual Reality + Generative Sound

2nd part. Pag.15

Tatsuo Unemi, Daniel Bisig

Soka University / University of Zurich, Japan, Swiss

Flocking Orchestra

2nd part. Pag.19

Martin Franklin, Lee Adams


Bindu Point

2nd part. Pag.22

Artemis Moroni

D. Robótica e Visão Computacional, CenPRA, Brazil

arTbitrating: an evolutionary environment for visual and sound composition

2nd part.


Robert Seidel

Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany


2nd part. Pag.29

Daniel Wilson, Sebastian Gassner

Goteborg University and Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

A Study in Synchresis

2nd part. Pag.31

Luca Tanzini

Universita' di Siena, Italy


2nd part. Pag.34

Martha Gelarden

Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia , US New Orleans

2nd part. Pag.37

Roc Jimenez de Cisneros Baneg

Barcelona, Spain

Evol, Punani Series Live

2nd part. Pag.40

Pierre Proske

IT University Goteborg, Sweden

Synchronized Swamp: Uncanny Expressive Mathematics

2nd part. Pag.41

Emilio Musso

Faculty of Science, L'Aquila, Italy

Density flow of a vector field along the roman surface of Steiner

2nd part. Pag.48

Davide Morelli, V. Ianitto


Orme.04 a jam session featuring a computer as an improvising musician

2nd part. Pag.52

Assunta Tavernise, Adolfo Adamo University of Calabria, Italy

Generation of Ego dynamics

2nd part. Pag.53